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6 Important Facts about the Land Entitlement Process

commercial buyer examining land

When developing land in the Raleigh area, it is important to understand certain things about permits and zoning. Part of the process of  developing land includes seeking approvals for your plans from local regulatory agencies and the community. It is no small fete getting entitlement accomplished!  The process can take anywhere from three months to a year […]

Is Brick and Mortar Retail Dying?

Online Shopping Is Growing Fast! Tension has been building regarding the future of brick and mortar retail for years. Yes, online is growing at a faster rate than retail as a whole, but does that mean the success of online somehow dramatically diminishes retail sales in actual stores? The answer is not all that simple. […]

Smart Investing Using a 1031 Exchange

What is a 1031 Exchange? A 1031 Exchange is a nothing more than a tax deferment. It is used as a strategy by successful commercial real estate investors. Real estate investors get to defer their payment of capital gains taxes on any investment property that they sell if they turn around and purchase a “like-kind” […]

8 Tips for New Real Estate Investors

Are you just getting starting in real estate investing? There are many complex subtleties that make it very different than other types of investing. However, when done correctly, this type of investment can yield a much greater return on your hard-earned money. Of course, the ultimate goal of any investment is to minimize your risk […]

Get Rich on Mobile Home Parks

residential community viewed from above

Mobile Home Parks are an excellent investment opportunity and one often overlooked by first time investors. In order to get the most value from your investment, you need to make sure you purchase the right Mobile Home Park. Mobile Home Park Types There are 2 types of mobile home parks. The first type is where […]