Don’t Sign Your Lease If You See These Red Flags

Choosing the right building is essential to growing your business. As you narrow your search for the right commercial property in the Triangle area, consider the following costs and property issues if you plan to lease the building. You may want to avoid selecting a property that raises these red flags. Concerns About the Property Can your building support the technology […]

The Essential Checklist of Land Purchase Costs

commercial buyer examining land

Before you purchase commercial property in the Raleigh-Durham area, you must carefully weigh legal, financial, construction, and aesthetic considerations. Using this Land Purchase Checklist will help you make the best decision. Questions to Ask About the Property As you are examining the land, keep these critical questions in mind concerning the property itself, the development potential, […]

3 Surprising Locations That Offer the Biggest Payoff in the Raleigh Area

escalators and cafe tables inside a mall

Over 75% of Americans shop at a shopping mall each month. If you are looking for a great investment in the Triangle area, check out our retail options. The Triangle’s Most Successful Malls Developers have chosen to strategically place shopping malls off of major highways because of the convenience in location and the large amount of revenue they generate […]

The Low-Cost Office Spaces No Business Owner Should Ignore

a historic building that says "General Offices"

Class C Office Buildings Office buildings are classified into 3 categories: Class A, Class B, and Class C. These distinctions are based on age, location, amenities, aesthetics, and general infrastructure. A building’s overall quality, price, and average tenant rental rate is determined by its class based on the market area. 7 Things That Make a Building Class-C […]