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The Secrets Behind Raleigh’s Rapid Business Growth Revealed

The United States is home to more than 8.3 million women-owned businesses that, in total, generate $1.3 trillion in revenue. In Raleigh, women-owned businesses supply 9.4% of jobs and symbolize millions of dollars of revenue. Our city holds a superior ranking compared to cities such as Buffalo, New York; Akron, Ohio; Provo, Utah; and Fayetteville, Arkansas, whose rates each average less than 5%.

Why Many Companies Relocate to This Area

view of Downtown Raleigh from South Saunders StreetBecause of the high percentages of success in women-owned businesses in the Raleigh-Durham sphere, many women invest in the sector by relocating their current company or starting a new businesses in the renowned Triangle, North Carolina area.

Renowned Women-Owned Businesses in the Triangle

Van Eure, a business owner in Raleigh, employs over 300 people in her business, The Angus Barn. Last year, The Angus Barn produced $15,923,614 in sales. Another successful women-owned business in the area is The Greer Group, which currently employs over 700 people and collects over $2.1 million in revenue yearly.

The high success rates of these women in the business realm have inspired progress in other businesses owned by women in Raleigh and the surrounding cities.

Grow Your Company in the #1 Best City for Jobs

A business professional standing outside a buildingOverall, the success rates of women in business is very high and is only continuing to grow. Women-owned business are also considered a minority and, with proper certification, can be awarded contracts from private and governmental agencies.

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